Testimonial by Bess
    All of a sudden I was awake all night, with burning rib cage pain, and I had no appetite
    California, US

    Video Transcript - My name is Bess and I'm 31 years old, I live in Oakland California. I just finished five years of graduate school in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and I'm starting my own business right now.

    My anxiety before I met Karen Pearl and had the experience with Chi Nei Tsang, was ongoing for many years. I had always been very easy-going, and then it sort of just started coming over me like a wave. It was very abrupt in my life and affected my ability to function. I'm a highly functional person, and all of a sudden I was awake all night, with burning rib cage pain, and I had no appetite, and it took away my ability to speak sometimes. I'm a very social person, I love people, all of a sudden all of that was gone and I felt very frozen a lot of the time.

    When I received the treatment from Karen Pearl, I talked to her in a very conversational way that was what the intake was about. was beautiful, very different than a medical experience. She approached me very holistically, nonjudgmentally with a lot of acceptance. We had a conversation, maybe, you know, half an hour something for the first time, and then, you know, we kind of got down to business. It was more about the experience and less about the intellectualizing of what was going on.

    Some of the positive results of my treatment experience where that I had, well, after the first time I had immediate relief, which never happens in my opinion, studying holistic medicine. It's very rare you have some relief but not such potent an impact. I immediately had an appetite again, I went and had a hamburger - it was delicious, and I was laughing again that same day. I felt a lot closer to myself and more creative, started having lots of ideas again.

    What's most meaningful to me about getting treatments of Chi Nei Tsang, and in particular with Karen Pearl, I think is that she helps me foster a sense of self-acceptance. It's not about her as a practitioner doing something to me, but more about her just holding some space and also participating as a human. It's relational still but, really just focusing on and helping me take charge of my own health, and helping me understand myself better, so that I'm the one in charge, not her doing some fixing of me or something like.